1st National Conference/Workshop on Coastal Ecosystem Conservation and Adaptive Management

1st National Conference/Workshop on Coastal Ecosystem Conservation and Adaptive Management

The 1st National Conference/Workshop on Coastal Ecosystem Conservation and Adaptive Management will take place at the Marine Science Institute, College of Science, University of the Philippines from June 20-21, 2011 with the anticipated participation of national and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, coastal resource management professionals, conservation groups, private sectors and other coastal resource stakeholders.
The event is a major activity of the Philippines-Japan Project, “Coastal Ecosystem Conservation and Adaptive Management Under Local and Global Environmental Impacts in the Philippines (CECAM). The conference/workshop provides an interactive forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on important coastal resource science, management and governance issues.
The main goal of the conference/workshop is to promote CECAM vis-a-vis other local and national programs and projects; and to solicit mutual understanding and support through networking. The specific objectives include the following:

  1. To assess, in terms of gaps, progress, and directions identified in the oral and poster presentations, the status of CECAM and other related programs and projects in the Philippines;
  2. To inform the LGUs, concerned government agencies, national leadership, and other stakeholders of the products of the assessment;
  3. To discuss how the products could be packaged and utilized in order to address local and global environmental issues; and
  4. To share experiences in order to generate a general appreciation and learning in order to improve the implementation of local coastal environmental programs
Conference Activities and Events

The conference will include the following anticipated events and activities:

  • Plenary Presentations and panel discussions
  • Poster session
  • Workshop/Focused Group Discussions
  • Reception
  • Awarding of Certificates
Plenary Sessions

With the focus on addressing gaps and linking science and policy for sustainable for sustainable coastal development, plenary sessions on the following topics will be discussed:

  • Geochemistry, Materials Cycles and Carbon Source/Sink
  • Biodiversity, Habitat Connectivity and Ecosystem Dynamics
  • Coastal Ecosystem Pulses and Presses
  • Coupling, Monitoring, and Modeling
  • MPAs, Socioeconomics and Decision Support System

For more information about the 1st CECAM National Conference/Workshop program format, expected outputs and participants, and instructions for abstracts and posters, please see 1st CECAM National Conference/Workshop Announcement link. Information on requirements for request for travel support is also provided.