CECAM 2011 Joint Coordinating Committee Meeting set this June

For the effective and successful implementation of technical cooperation and to assure achievement of project goals, the annual joint coordinating committee meeting for the Coastal Ecosystem Conservation and Adaptive Management Under Local and Global Environmental Impacts in the Philippines (CECAM) Project is set this June 22, 2011. The annual meeting aims to accomplish among others, the following:

  1. Approve the annual activity plan of the Project
  2.  Monitor and review overall progress and supervise the Project
  3. Discuss major issues arising from or concerning the Project

The event to be headed by Dr. Sergio S. Cao, Chancellor of the University of the Philippines as Chairperson and Dr. Kazuo Nadaoka, Project Technical Advisor as Co-chairperson is to be participated by the following members:

   a. Philippine Side Representative of the following:

    1. University of the Philippines in Diliman
      Marine Science Institute, College of Science
      Dept. of Geodetic Engineering, College of Engineering
    2. University of the Philippines in the Visayas
      College of Arts and Sciences
    3. National Economic Development Authority
    4. Mindanao State University in Naawan
      Institute of Fisheries Research and Development
    5. Department of Science and Technology
    6. Department of Agriculture
      Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
    7. Department of Environment and Natural Resources
      Laguna Lake Development Authority
    8. Other officials appointed by the Chairperson

   b. Japan Side Representative of the following:

    1. JICA Philippines Office
    2. JICA Experts
    3. Official(s) of the Embassy of Japan
    4. JST official as an observer
    5. Member(s) of missions dispatched by JICA
    6. Other officials appointed by the Chairperson

The overall policy decision, coordination and progress monitoring of the Project will be conducted through the JCC jointly by JICA and the Philippine authorities concerned.